I don’t like half the team anymore – CDZ016

City's two English regulars have been the cream of the crop this year, while their team mates have been found wanting
City’s two English regulars have been the cream of the crop this year, while their team mates have been found wanting


Rarely will I write about one player in particular. I did though, when Gareth Barry left, and I drafted an obituary for James Milner’s inevitable departure too. With players like those though, the praise pours out through your fingertips. It’s too easy. And it’s much more enjoyable writing that stuff as well. But these last few weeks have shown me a side to City’s current crop I don’t like. Are you allowed to not like your teams players? I mean scores of them too.

Before I say any more, this isn’t a back lash to the capitulation or surrender, call it what you will, of what was supposed to resemble a title defence. Not often are back to back Premier League titles won, it’s all down the manner of defeat and failure.

I’m not talking about playing badly here, it’s the rotten stinking prima donna attitude of them. On the one hand you’ve got Pablo Zabaleta. He’s about as Manc as the Hacienda. Then there’s Joe Hart. I don’t mind him fraternizing with the enemy out of hours. Mike Summerbee did it, and Hart’s the first goalkeeper to win the League since even Buzzer’s days of flying up and down the Maine Road flanks. James Milner; never touched a drop of the sauce in his life. You know when you go to Spain, and you can buy a cheap copy football kit from the Costa Del Sol? Yeah? Well that’s what Jesus Navas is to a Theo Walcott (and even he’s not that good). A cheap (not cheap) Spanish knock off. No wonder James Milner is strongly considering his options.

That’s it. That’s my list of players I like. Joe Hart, Pablo Zabaleta and James Milner. I mean really like. And Sergio Aguero seems a nice boy too. I’ll throw Martin Demichelis in to the mix too. He took a lot of stick when he first signed. If you are English or Argentine, you’re in. For six months of the year, there’s going to be no calendar on my desk at work. Fernando, you make me angry. I just can’t look at you, or you Eliquiam Mangala, Aleksander Kolorov, Yaya Effing Toure. Football really isn’t down to likeability though is it? Isn’t it? We’re watching the game in a different age. Players engage with fans, and visa versa through twitter and the like, and when you’re playing bad, it comes down to whether or not I like you. And I don’t. Not most of you anyway.

Los Argerntinos

Here’s the really controversial one. Vincent Kompany. Used to love him. He and Roberto Mancini beat Fergie at his own game when we won it back in 2012. When he used to speak, I used to listen. He’s not even empty sound bites now, he’s no leader anymore. Take Kompany’s reaction at Anfield. When Fernandinho (this is the Brazilian footballer we signed from Shaktar Donetsk, who waived his 4m signing bonus) pulled him up after getting tired of mopping up the hurricane of piss the captain and his merry band of “defenders” (using the speech marks ironically there) were spreading about Joe Hart’s box for the first half. Embarrassing. Where’s the humility? There’s isn’t much to be seen, just a walk back from the goal mouth with the swagger of an RnB video backing dancing, like nothing’s happened. We’re 1-0 down Vinny. We’re surrendering the League, mate.

Two of City's pillars of success. Are their days in Manchester numbered?
Two of City’s pillars of success. Are their days in Manchester numbered?

Kolorov in the Norwich game, the season before last, hurling abuse in to the crowd. Stevan Jovetic in the press after he was left out of the Champions League squad. What was the point in that? He missed out on two games where he would have sat on the bench anyway. No more. Let the football do the talking boys. Not making it look like a cake walk anymore, Yaya.

I’ve seen plenty of people leap to Toure’s defence in recent weeks, virtually exhausted from an unrelenting tournament, season, tournament, season merry-go-round, that he’s not been able to get off. Perhaps City shouldn’t have relied on him for so long, but he should be doing more than he has. That’s why you are paid the big bucks, son. He’s moaned about not having a cake, but still found a way to eat it. Disappointing, that he can align himself with such vermin for an agent. He could have been the best player in the world. The fact that he never got those votes isn’t because he is black. It’s because he doesn’t seem intent on fulfilling his potential.

Mangala – stalled for two years on coming and when he did, looks like he’d struggle on most park pitches of a Sunday morning. Who signs these players? Who thinks they are worthy to play for us? Not ‘us’ the club, ‘us’ the fans. To wear the shirt most fans grew up dreaming of playing in.

Brian Marewood’s final foray in the transfer market damned him. Scott Sinclair, Jack Rodwell, Javi Garcia. Marewood, unlike Txiki Berigistan, didn’t have a Ferran Soriano protecting him.

The time for post mortems isn’t quite upon us yet, but it will be soon, and there’ll be plenty to discuss in terms of on the pitch shortfalls. I just needed to get this off my chest. Ahhh, that’s better.

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